System Updates

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It’s like players at a serial killer convention are murderous so and sos… we’ve got two updates to our system:


Though you can phys-Rep garrotting someone you should only actually hold the garrotte wire in one hand.

Strangulation Rules still apply with a garotte but after the victim falls unconscious you’re doing Weapon damage at a rate of 2 per 20 seconds. It still takes two minutes after unconsciousness to kill them.

If it’s a surprise attack then it’s a surprise attack with a weapon and those rules apply. It is not a coup de grace as it is not done with a firearm.


Though there may be all kinds of setting information useful for your roleplay on different poisons they essentially come in 3 different forms:
Poison 1, Poison 2 and Poison 3.

If you have poisons you will be issued with a number of small stickers labelled, 1, 2 or 3 depending on the type and/or amount of poison you have. Your phys-rep for putting the poison in someone’s cup is to place the sticker upon the bottom of the cup. You must tell a ref that you have done this.
If you are attempting to poison more than one person at once you must place two stickers upon the bottom of the relevant bottle/container. Again, tell a ref that you have done this. It is possible to try and poison solid food but this will be detectable to anyone tasting the food and the sticker should be placed as obviously as possible if this is done. Players can make the decision to suicide by poisoned food if they wish – let a ref know if you are doing this.

If someone drinks all of the poisoned liquid then they have been sucessfully poisoned, if they drink some or most of it then a ref will let them know what happens. Players who see the stickers have only done so ooc and should not react in character.

Poison 1 will cause you to lose 1 hit point every 30 minutes and this is counted as weapon damage. This should be roleplayed appropriately, if you’re not certain what you’ve been poisoned with and thus how to roleplay – ask a ref. This can be treated as usual by Medicine and First Aid.

Poison 2 will cause you to lose 2 hit points every 30 minutes and this is counted as weapon damage. This should be roleplayed appropriately, if you’re not certain what you’ve been poisoned with and thus how to roleplay – ask a ref. This can be treated as usual by Medicine and First Aid.

Poison 3 will immediately reduce you to zero hit points and is counted as weapon damage. Feel free to fit, thrash about and roleplay similarly. This can be treated as usual by Medicine and First Aid.

There are also Antidotes;
Antidote 1, Antidote 2 and Antidote 3.

Antidotes 1 and 2 may be administered at any point before death and will immediately prevent the relevant poison from doing further damage as well as restoring up to 3 points of damage. (If you’ve only lost 1 point due to poison it will only restore 1 point, antidotes do nothing for damage taken from fists).
However Antidote 1 will only do this for Damage taken by Poison 1 and Antidote 2 will only do this for Damage taken by Poison 2. They have no effect if Antidote 2 is administered to Damage taken by Poison 1 and visa versa.

Antidote 3 only effects Damage taken by Poison 3 and can only be administered up to 2 minutes after Poison 3 has been ingested.

If someone who has been poisoned is unconscious then they cannot ingest an antidote and need someone with Medicine to administer it to them. Someone with First Aid cannot do this.


CollectorCon 2018

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines serial killing as “a series of two or more murders, committed as separate events, usually, but not always, by one offender acting alone”. The FBI states that the motives of serial killers can include anger, thrill-seeking, financial gain, and attention seeking.

The act of murder has a special significance. It neatly divides mankind. Hunters and hunted, predators and prey, those who kill and those who are killed. But just as killers no longer rely on heavy rocks and sharp sticks, are no longer respected warriors of the tribe, so too has the act of murder evolved.
In the modern era of newspapers It was no longer enough just to kill a single victim. Now in the age of Twitter even causing many deaths is no longer special.
These days, the headlines are reserved for those who impart the deaths they cause with meaning, with poetry. Each murder is part of a grander pattern, an expression of self carved into the bleeding skin of the human soul.

You are an artist. You are a serial killer.

Every year the best and brightest artists of death meet in a secret location for the discreetly named CollectorCon. Here you will socialise, share tips and tricks of the trade, and perhaps learn to refine your gore-stained, murderous vision. Here murderers can learn to become legends. And this year, who knows? CollectorCon may allow you to change the world.

CollectorCon 2018 is a game of personal exploration, horrific violence and cosmic horror in roughly equal measure. It will take place on the 25th February from midday in Bowland College at Lancaster University.
As everyone who signs up will be playing a serial killer, this game comes with an extremely wide-ranging adult content warning. If there is an awful thing that one human being has done to another there is a chance that it will at least be mentioned in this game, and a chance that it may actually happen.
We want to stress that this will be a non-contact game, but expect fairly full-on roleplay, graphic descriptions of awful deeds and some pretty gorey props. We also wish to stress that this game is more about catharsis than triumph, so don’t pin your hopes on your awful, murderous character surviving.

Places cost ten pounds but are only open to members of Lancaster University Roleplaying Society (this covers a buffet fit for a convention and any fake blood that we might throw at you), we offer for free the sense of lingering unease that may stay with you for some time. To sign up please contact us through the society or our facebook page.

An Afternoon Of Awful

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Looks like we will be running a game this year. LURPs have invited us back (our last game for them was Cluedothulhu, a strange mesh of Lovecraftian Mythos and a board game). This time we will be running Collector Con, a convention of serial killers somewhere in North America. With apologies to Neil Gaiman, though he inspired us for the location of the game this will be very different in terms of narrative.

An Excerpt from Twin Suns

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The video rather encapsulates the weekend that the crew of the White Giant faced in our Twin Suns LARP event a couple of weeks ago.

The Twin Suns Have Set!

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The White Giant, shuttle of the Spaceship Copernicus, went to do a routine geological analysis of a planet and was downed within the first half hour by an electrical storm that the sensors hadn’t picked up.

The crew looking worried

How long have we got before the storm hits?

As the remnants of the crew picked themselves up to discover the bridge and it’s command staff had been blown apart they found themselves low on oxygen and without food. Parts of the shuttle were strewn across the planet and it was going to take careful preparation to avoid the deadly storms and find the provisions they so badly needed.


Can we make it back to the ship with these?

The weekend was one of careful allocation of resources and the horror of group decisions being those of life or death.


Can we make the explosion large enough to be seen but small enough to get a sample size?

There was no monster outside, only the electrical storms rendering the perceptions of those stuck on the planet somewhat unreliable. The cheer when the luxury food box was brought inside was all too real as was that when the communications array was repaired and they were able to enquire about the status of the rescue shuttle. TwinsunsaliensOut of flares it was the geology team that managed to set off the explosion allowing them to be located.
Nineteen of the crew of the shuttle, The White Giant, survived the crash landing on the planet filled with electrical storms, of these only seventeen were still alive for pick up by the rescue shuttle, The Blue Midget.


It’s only a scratch…

One had been barely alive and the doctor judged better death by injection than an agonising one gasping for survival. One had been found out to be a simulant and was summarily executed after being used for his physical prowess by the mostly human crew.

September 2017 – Where Twin Suns Sink

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It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere. You’re all alone, more or less.

The year is 2657 and for whatever reason you may have you are now a member of the Space Corps – the company in charge of the space program of the great Anglo-American Empire or Astral Minerals, their daughter company in charge of interplanetary mining. You are the crew of the scouting ship White Giant, sent on a mission to explore and bring back samples from a nearby undiscovered planetoid. Things however mean that this isn’t your standard scouting mission.

This is a survival horror event, you need to get out alive. Are you willing to overcome the odds? Can you be sure that you are all in this together?

If you enjoyed Room 13’s previous event set in the Vietnam War then this will likely appeal to you.
This game will include themes of isolation and privation
This is set somewhere that looks a lot like the Red Dwarf universe with influences of Alien and Serenity in terms of tech level and how far in the future this is. A setting document will be provided to players to set the scene and explain about the world.

This event will run 01/09/2017-03/09/2017
Places will cost £110 and this includes your uniforms. It will take place at Tarn Outdoor Centre – in South Cumbria Fells (The Howgills), between the Market towns of Kirkby Stephen and Sedbergh (CA17 4LN).

A deposit of £25 will need to be sent to the refs to confirm your place either in person or via the Room 13 blog – places will open on 02/12/16 at 8pm.


Surprise December Event

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Our friends at LURPS have asked us to put on a single day horror event for them, so we’re rerunning Cluedothulhu Live! Yup – it’s Cluedo and it’s Cthulhu and it’s a LARP! As we’re rerunning this event will be free to LURPs members though anyone wanting to make a contribution to next year’s insurance costs will be welcome to do so.
We’ll be running this on Lancaster University Campus in Bowland North on December 4th from 2pm.

Further details of the event and the ability to sign up to it will go up on Friday at 6pm.