Projectile Rules

Posted: April 29, 2011 by Kari Fay in System

In addition to the rules already published-

In some indoor events, we may use the following Projectile Rules.

Small woollen pom-poms will be provided to any players or NPCs capable of projectile weapon use. These are the only items that may be thrown. This is to ensure that no damage can be caused to players or the location.

If you are not provided with these pom-poms, you are not able to use projectile weapons.

A Projectile rating will be provided, similar to your ranged combat score. This is your aim count, so if you have a score of 3 you must slowly count to three before you throw your projectile pom-pom, if your score is 2 you must slowly count to two before you throw your projectile.

When you throw your pom-pom you must not throw it hard, and preferably not at anybody’s face. They are very light, but having things thrown at your face is never pleasant. If the pom-pom makes contact with your target, you hit and call the appropriate damage (as advised by the refs before the scenario) . If it misses, you have missed, but you may retrieve it, if it is a retrievable item.


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