Secure Facility Seven

Posted: September 16, 2015 by luvlymish in Dates, Game, New Roleplayers, Pitch

For many years, the Secure Facilities programme was classified “above top secret”. Only those directly involved in its administration were even aware of its existence; some say even the Prime Minister and the Royal Family didn’t know about it.

You didn’t know about it until a few hours ago. A soldier arrived – you may have been at home, at work, on holiday… even if you were off grid, they assured you, they would have found you. You were briefly informed that the nuclear situation which the press have been attempting to downplay is, in fact, serious. Deadly serious. To the point of imminent catastrophe. However, the Secure Facilities programme has established a network of secure and completely secret bunkers across the country; places where the great and the good can shelter throughout the worst disasters. And you, lucky you, are important enough to have an invitation.

You weren’t allowed to tell anybody about it. Not even your family members; if they’ve got a place, they’ll be with you. If they don’t, they mustn’t know, and they won’t be in a position to worry for much longer. Complete secrecy is vital, the soldier told you, to prevent riots amongest the uninvited populace. You were escorted home, if you weren’t there at the time, and given twenty minutes to pack a bag before the soldier took you away to the boarding zone.

From there, he tells you, you’ll join the other important people and you’ll be taken to Secure Facility Seven. There, you will be able to survive when the missiles hit, and wait until the world is safe once more before coming out to rebuild our great and wonderful nation.

And so, you join the other VIPs on the bus, and make your way to safety.

This game is suitable for both beginners and experienced LARPers. There will be a brief before we begin on how to play the game, the setting and the system. Bookings will open at 6pm on Saturday 10th October, you will be able to book online via this blog or in person in Bowland Bar on the Lancaster University Campus.

Venue: Bowland College, Lancaster University Campus
Time: 12:30pm – approx 9pm
Date: 6th December 2015
Cost: £5


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