New System Call

Posted: November 18, 2015 by luvlymish in Game, Game Play, System

We’ve added a new system call, the description is below and on our System Page.

Safe Word: This call may be used by players at any point during the game. It is to be used to indicate to the nearest ref that the player is distressed and needs to be taken out of the in-game situation. If possible other players should continue to roleplay, disregarding the character’s absence, if not possible treat this as a time freeze. Refs will time you back in.

The rationale behind this new call was to give players a chance to give out of a situation that they discovered to be too distressing to roleplay in. This is not aimed at preventing characters roleplaying through horrific and terrifying situations but to give players a chance to take a brief time out before time out is called.

If a player does call ‘Safe Word’ then the nearest ref will escort them out to a designated out-of-game-area where they will be given the chance to decompress and tell the refs if they are intending to leave the game as they are too distressed or that they wish to return to the game as soon as they are able to.
Players do not have to explain to the refs why they needed to take this time out but it may be helpful to explain what part of the game prompted it as a ref can then offer possible options to return to the game.



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