Secure Facility Seven – COMPROMISED!

Posted: January 19, 2016 by luvlymish in Game

On Sunday we ran the last of our series of three single day events, Secure Facility Seven.


Are they all dead?

This event was originally scheduled to run on the 6th December 2015 but had to be postponed due to the local substation flooding leaving us without heat, light or running water.

For many years, the Secure Facilities programme was classified “above top secret”. Only those directly involved in its administration were even aware of its existence; some say even the Prime Minister and the Royal Family didn’t know about it.

The players didn’t know about it until a few hours before the event when a soldier arrived and informed them that the nuclear situation was now deadly serious. To the point of imminent catastrophe. However, the Secure Facilities programme had established a network of secure and completely secret bunkers across the country; places where the great and the good could shelter throughout the worst disasters. And the players were important enough to have an invitation.


Quick – get inside the bunker!

And so, they joined the other VIPs on the bus, and made their way to safety.

Except that it didn’t really turn out that way. After a bus journey during which they were informed that the facility was compromised but that there was no where else to get to they arrived to try and survive as best they might. The facility was eerily empty except for the suspicious head of maintenance and the grey tentacles occaisionally emerging from the walls, ceiling and floor. After shooting two thirds of the humans alive in the bunker when they arrived fourteen of our eighteen players made their way to the cocoons that would help them live out their lives in a distant future free of radiation. One was shot, two committed suicide and one died of radiation poisoning.


It was a merciful death…


Foreshadowing his fate…











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