Found Footage – One Space Left

Posted: May 8, 2016 by luvlymish in Game, Game Booking, Pitch

Chapter One has completely sold out, so that’s the pure survival horror camping in the woods. Chapter Two – in which you are invited to investigate precisely what happened to those unfortunate students camping in the woods still has a single place open. If slow-burning investigative horror is your thing then please sign up below.

Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained.

(Jonathan Harnisch, “Freak”)


You still don’t know what happened to them. That’s the worst part.

It was a week before the police had identified all the missing persons. All members of LUSH, all lost in Silverdale forest. You’d never heard of this cult, yet for no discernable reason members of this student society, one of them a member of your family, had gone out to the woods and never returned.

The Lancashire Constabulary had done all they could to keep you informed about the situation, but there was never much to report. The woods were combed day and night for any signs of the missing cultists or the student film-makers, but they seemed to have vanished without a trace. Soon, a week had past. Then, nearly two.

Then they found the cameras. After a few days analysing the footage, the Inspector called to tell you that there was footage you needed to see.

A hard weekend is coming for you. The police will be sitting you through a screening of the footage they found, and the next morning you will be participating in a press conference regarding the ongoing search. Accommodation in Lancaster has been arranged, and for the first time you will be in the company of others whose family have vanished somewhere in those woods.

But there’s more to this than you realise.


OOC Information

Found Footage is a game in two parts, telling two stories; the intertwined fates of the student film crew, and the family and friends who find their footage.

The options and outcomes for each game will be determined, in part, by the actions of the counterpart players. Both chapters will be weekend-length events. If you want action-orientated survival horror, sign up for chapter one, while if you prefer slow-burning, free-form, investigative horror, then chapter two is the game for you. Both promise intense horror, character-driven RP and a glimpse into darkness.

The ticket price for this game will be £95. Booking will open on Friday 4th March, and places can be reserved with an initial deposit of £15. There are limited player spaces, especially for Chapter One, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Venue – Lancaster, various.

Time In – 18.00 September 16th 2016

Time Out – 12.00 September 18th 2016

Debriefing – 13.00 September 18th 2016


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