Found Footage: Chapter One and Chapter Two

Posted: October 10, 2016 by luvlymish in Game

Chapter One

Campisite of the cult with several students hanging out

The Copper Temple campsite, they look harmless enough…

The Lancaster University Society of Heretics, had become more than just another student society to the players. LUSH had become a community where they and their peers of skeptics and atheists had spent many a long evening in the throes of hearty debate, setting the world to rights over a pint of real ale in Grad bar. That being said, they were all too aware of the echo chamber.


The Copper Temple campsite, they look harmless enough…

But then the cult appeared on campus. Calling themselves the Copper Temple, they began evangelizing to students, luring the vulnerable into their ranks with promises to fix what was broken, cutting them off from their courses, their friends and even family.The players secured an invitation to their commune in Silverdale forest intending to produce an exposing documentary project, like a bunch of young Louis Therouxs, to record this cult’s bizarre beliefs and abusive practices.


Led into the woods

Their beliefs turned out to be more real than the players had hoped and of eight players two converted, four sold themselves into slavery with the power they had upset by destroying it’s shrines whilst the eighth lay dying within a supposedly magical circle…


Documentary Interviews


Inside the circle

Chapter Two


The missing reported in the media

It was a week before the police had identified all the missing persons. All members of LUSH, all lost in Silverdale forest. The players had never heard of this cult, yet for no discernable reason members of this student society, family and friends to the players, had gone out to the woods and never returned.


The brothers comfort each other

The Lancashire Constabulary had done all they could but there was never much to report. The woods were combed day and night for any signs of the missing cultists or the student film-makers, but they seemed to have vanished without a trace. Soon, a week had past. Then, nearly two.


Then they broke into the inspector’s house

Then they found the cameras. After a few days analysing the footage, the Inspector called to tell the players that there was footage you needed to see.


Things didn’t look good

A hard weekend was supposed to consist of the police will be sitting them through a screening of the footage they found, and the next morning participation in a press conference regarding the ongoing search. Accommodation in Lancaster was arranged, and for the first time the players found themselves in the company of others whose family have vanished somewhere in those woods.

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