The Eyra’s Eye

Posted: March 7, 2019 by luvlymish in Dates, Game, Game Booking, Pitch

Oh, what a lot of parties.

You’ve been to a dozen this year, at least – either gossiping among the guests or as a shadow in the corner clearing up the mess. Fancy dress in fairytale gardens, dull dinners in Oxford and Cambridge, coming out parties in London and intimate tea parties at various town addresses, ultimately each the same as the last. Everyone puts their best face forward to escape or obscure the uglier truth.

Because everyone has their dirty little secrets, don’t they? Born of boredom, or sin, or something far more sinister. The great war unmasked a lot of unpalatable things, for rich and poor alike. Whether you’re a survivor trying to forget, a bright young thing rising among the ruins or struggling below stairs to better yourself, everyone has something to hide, and everything to gain by keeping up appearances. And what better mask than a little glitz and glamour?

Lady Adelaide Avery’s birthday gathering at Avery Lodge will be a sedate and sophisticated affair, her close-knit inner circle of family and friends coming to her cherished retreat in the Lakes for an elegant weekend of celebration and champagne.

Flies around the honey-pot, more like.

It is 1928, and no-one is expecting the old widow to survive more than another few winters. The extravagant inheritance she’ll leave behind would make the fortune of anyone, more than enough temptation to overlook the family history of madness or the lingering rumours of a cursed emerald necklace as part of the prize, the infamous Eyra’s Eye.

It’s just another quirky story, surely?

OOC Information

Dates: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September, 2019

Venue: Eskmeals House

Price: (Servants Tickets) £60

Deposit: £20

Booking opens: 7pm Friday 8th March , 2019

Full payment due: Thursday 1st August, 2019

The Eyra’s Eye is a classic horror offering with a twist, drawing inspiration from Agatha Christie and Jonathan Creek as well as HP Lovecraft. In the comfortable setting of Eskmeals House it will be a chance to indulge in the opulence of the roaring twenties for a fully-catered, 24-hour time in weekend and a story in which little is as it seems.

Themes will include cosmic horror, trauma, mental illness and domestic abuse. Players may face situations in which they are powerless. In terms of accessibility Eskmeals House unfortunately has no ground floor bedroom, there are small steps leading into the house, a gravel drive and some areas of the floor are uneven. If you are interested but wary of any of the above, please get in touch and we can discuss these elements further.

Servant Tickets

As well as the standard player tickets, we will also be selling a limited number of half-price servant tickets. If you play a servant, you will get the full player experience; you will have a character as usual for a horror game and will have a full role in the story. Your weekend will be fully (if less elegantly) catered as well. However, your role will also involve some light housework as part of a small team of other players with a little help from an NPC crew, hence the reduction in price.

The tasks will include settling tables, serving and clearing meals, serving aperitif and after-dinner drinks, washing dishes and assisting the guests to settle in. Servants will eat in a servant’s hall either before or after the guest meals. A full timetable will be provided, but if you are unsure about the amount of work involved please enquire with a ref.

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