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System Updates

Posted: February 23, 2018 by luvlymish in Game, Game Play, System

It’s like players at a serial killer convention are murderous so and sos… we’ve got two updates to our system:


Though you can phys-Rep garrotting someone you should only actually hold the garrotte wire in one hand.

Strangulation Rules still apply with a garotte but after the victim falls unconscious you’re doing Weapon damage at a rate of 2 per 20 seconds. It still takes two minutes after unconsciousness to kill them.

If it’s a surprise attack then it’s a surprise attack with a weapon and those rules apply. It is not a coup de grace as it is not done with a firearm.


Though there may be all kinds of setting information useful for your roleplay on different poisons they essentially come in 3 different forms:
Poison 1, Poison 2 and Poison 3.

If you have poisons you will be issued with a number of small stickers labelled, 1, 2 or 3 depending on the type and/or amount of poison you have. Your phys-rep for putting the poison in someone’s cup is to place the sticker upon the bottom of the cup. You must tell a ref that you have done this.
If you are attempting to poison more than one person at once you must place two stickers upon the bottom of the relevant bottle/container. Again, tell a ref that you have done this. It is possible to try and poison solid food but this will be detectable to anyone tasting the food and the sticker should be placed as obviously as possible if this is done. Players can make the decision to suicide by poisoned food if they wish – let a ref know if you are doing this.

If someone drinks all of the poisoned liquid then they have been sucessfully poisoned, if they drink some or most of it then a ref will let them know what happens. Players who see the stickers have only done so ooc and should not react in character.

Poison 1 will cause you to lose 1 hit point every 30 minutes and this is counted as weapon damage. This should be roleplayed appropriately, if you’re not certain what you’ve been poisoned with and thus how to roleplay – ask a ref. This can be treated as usual by Medicine and First Aid.

Poison 2 will cause you to lose 2 hit points every 30 minutes and this is counted as weapon damage. This should be roleplayed appropriately, if you’re not certain what you’ve been poisoned with and thus how to roleplay – ask a ref. This can be treated as usual by Medicine and First Aid.

Poison 3 will immediately reduce you to zero hit points and is counted as weapon damage. Feel free to fit, thrash about and roleplay similarly. This can be treated as usual by Medicine and First Aid.

There are also Antidotes;
Antidote 1, Antidote 2 and Antidote 3.

Antidotes 1 and 2 may be administered at any point before death and will immediately prevent the relevant poison from doing further damage as well as restoring up to 3 points of damage. (If you’ve only lost 1 point due to poison it will only restore 1 point, antidotes do nothing for damage taken from fists).
However Antidote 1 will only do this for Damage taken by Poison 1 and Antidote 2 will only do this for Damage taken by Poison 2. They have no effect if Antidote 2 is administered to Damage taken by Poison 1 and visa versa.

Antidote 3 only effects Damage taken by Poison 3 and can only be administered up to 2 minutes after Poison 3 has been ingested.

If someone who has been poisoned is unconscious then they cannot ingest an antidote and need someone with Medicine to administer it to them. Someone with First Aid cannot do this.

An Excerpt from Twin Suns

Posted: September 11, 2017 by luvlymish in Game, Game Play
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The video rather encapsulates the weekend that the crew of the White Giant faced in our Twin Suns LARP event a couple of weeks ago.

New System Call

Posted: November 18, 2015 by luvlymish in Game, Game Play, System

We’ve added a new system call, the description is below and on our System Page.

Safe Word: This call may be used by players at any point during the game. It is to be used to indicate to the nearest ref that the player is distressed and needs to be taken out of the in-game situation. If possible other players should continue to roleplay, disregarding the character’s absence, if not possible treat this as a time freeze. Refs will time you back in.

The rationale behind this new call was to give players a chance to give out of a situation that they discovered to be too distressing to roleplay in. This is not aimed at preventing characters roleplaying through horrific and terrifying situations but to give players a chance to take a brief time out before time out is called.

If a player does call ‘Safe Word’ then the nearest ref will escort them out to a designated out-of-game-area where they will be given the chance to decompress and tell the refs if they are intending to leave the game as they are too distressed or that they wish to return to the game as soon as they are able to.
Players do not have to explain to the refs why they needed to take this time out but it may be helpful to explain what part of the game prompted it as a ref can then offer possible options to return to the game.


System Brief Update

Posted: March 26, 2015 by luvlymish in Game Play, Room Thirteen, System

We love our players to be familiar with our system before our games take place and so we have our System Page.  As preparation for their first game Shunned House have made a video of our system brief – so another way that our players can remind themselves of our rules.

Have a watch below to see some of our players, refs and crew show you how to play!


Photography At Events

Posted: May 6, 2013 by luvlymish in Game Play

Photography has always been a part of Room 13 events, largely because it’s great fun afterwards to be able to share the images and reminisce. Players who missed certain moments because they were in a different area get a glimpse of the drama that other characters experienced, and potential future players get a taste of what might be in store for them. Meanwhile, the refs get to sit back and look at them with the satisfaction of “We caused this!”

Keeping Out Of Your Way

We always ask that out-of-character photographers (whether that’s invited, dedicated photographers or refs who happen to have a camera with them) remain as unobtrusive as possible. Flash photography is not allowed, and where possible any sounds on cameras are to be switched off. Players won’t generally be asked to pose for pictures during time-in (we’ll be taking candid shots of the action as it happens) but we may ask for group shots before or after the event. During hectic, action-packed moments, photographers are reminded that staying out of the players’ way is more important than getting the shot they want. The players’ experience must always come first.

If a photographer or film-maker is present in-character then these restrictions don’t apply.

Sharing Photographs & Privacy

Photographs (and occasionally videos) from events are often shared on Facebook and other sites like Flickr, as well as being used by the Room 13 group for publicity purposes.

If you do not wish to appear in images or videos at all, it is imperative that you inform the Ref team prior to the event. We will then be able to ask photographers to avoid including you in their shots where possible. If you then take a prominent role in vital moments (for example, an action packed finale) the photographers may still document the events to avoid disappointing other players, and we will negotiate with you afterwards to find a happy place between your privacy and allowing other players to see the images. In such cases, these images are not to be shared outside the player and crew groups.

If you do not make your feelings known before the event, but express a desire to be excluded from images during or after the event, we will do our best to assist you but cannot make any guarantees.

Some events will include photography and videography as an integral part of the game. This will be clearly identified as part of the pitch, and to sign up to an event that has been identified in this way you are giving your consent to being filmed and/or photographed during time-in, and to those images being shared thereafter. If you aren’t sure what this means please talk to the refs about this before the event.

If you wish not to be tagged in pictures on Facebook, that’s fine – simply make sure that this is made known. Usually we will post photographs untagged and ask players to tag only themselves where they wish to.

If you have agreed to Facebook images being posted, but don’t want them on your feed and one appears because a friend of yours has tagged themselves, then it is up to you to contact the friend or the photographer to request it be untagged.

Where Room 13 wishes to use an image for publicity purposes, we will contact the photographer and all players/refs/crew identifiable in the image for permission beforehand.