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Posted: February 14, 2003 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

room13-profile-tabbyI’d been roleplaying for a while, but got caught up in playing live horror games since the early 2000s, then started helping out crew the occasional one, and slowly edged into helping out, making props, crewing, rigging, writing characters, then running games with various groups. I enjoy the process of writing characters and trying to get inside their heads, fitting them to players to give them something to get their teeth into and trying to rope in historical bits and bobs – and tend to draw a lot of
influence from a mixture of Lovecraft and modern horror. In my other life I work with computers so I’ve been working with technical bits for some of Room 13’s experimental games, there’s nothing like showing another ref how to press a key on a keyboard and generate screaming somewhere else in a house 🙂


Posted: November 4, 1994 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

12835058_1040476692642015_1154433684_nMy introduction to roleplaying didn’t come from any dice rolling shenanigans. I was brought up on the wonders of video games and poor pixel quality. Pokémon, The Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age are just a drop in the ocean of my childhood, setting me up to be as invested in creativity and storytelling as I possibly could. Arriving at university in 2013, I checked out the Roleplaying Society. I’ve never looked back.It wouldn’t be until my second year that I became involved in LARP. I’d crewed for my first event in April of 2014 with AEON Horror, and I should’ve known then that I’d been caught. In my many years of theatre, improv always held a special place in my heart. It’s no wonder I clicked so well with LARPing.

Compared to others, I’m still very new to this reffing malarkey, but like that’s gonna stop me.


Posted: November 9, 1990 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

OzyI’ve not been a ref long but I can certainly count myself a cog in the machine behind the scenes. Lover of fantasy and creator of horrors I’ve been making props, costumes and ideas since 2009. I like to add a different perspective to ideas and challenge what is possible to do in a horror larp. Mainly I handle the physical and make props and monsters for people to play with; lovely monsters who only want to be your friend. Creator extraordinaire, if you want it I can make it.


Posted: February 12, 1986 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

SteveI’ve always been an avid gamer from when I was young (predominantly video games), but didn’t get into LARP gaming until my early twenties.
Given it turns out I’m not all that great at playing characters that don’t really fit with the type of person I am, I’ve found I much prefer being a ref.
I mainly work best looking through the logistics of the different ways an event could go given the scenario and setting, and throwing in regular “But what if the players did [Insert crazy idea here]” suggestions, to refine the game play and possible outcomes it may bring!


Posted: March 10, 1985 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

Running before I could walk, well stumbling blindly anyway, I was a Ref long before I was a player. Back in the halcyon days of ’99 I was fumbling with gateway tabletop games until finally upping the dose and trying LARP. Since then I’ve been attending national systems like Empire and Lorien Trust as well as running my own LARP system here in Lancaster, Obsidian Arcana. I’m the sideways thinker, a great fan of the bait and switch. I guess that I’m a storyteller really, that’s what makes me do it.
That and the tortured screams of my player base.


Posted: April 26, 1984 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

I’m an amazing werewolf when doing an impression of my kitty cat, some Photo of Jenniferof the other refs would rather I wrote that I have a childlike appreciation of the imagination but they’re boring. Thanks to my sister I feel like I’ve been reffing most of my life, managing her expectations in our childhood games and eventually being inspired to ref after finding imaginary wolves could keep her out of my bedroom as a small child. In 2011 I helped devise the Room Thirteen system. My idea of making everyone play the perfect baking scenario for the perfect 1950s housewife is what keeps me reffing until they let me do it. Also I like the idea of being able to win all the time which is what makes reffing better than playing but I especially enjoy players who challenge me on this one.


Posted: January 6, 1982 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

MishYulePartyI grew up with a younger sister which meant I made up the games. I never really stopped. I’ve been reffing horror games since 2003 and sometimes I even get to play them. I really like things inspired by Lovecraft’s mythos and I aim to create an atmosphere rather than a story. In 2011 I helped to form Room 13 and I’ve been enjoying collaborating on games ever since. I like to try and make each game a bit different, to see what we can do within the genre of Horror LARP. Got an idea? Come and talk to me – lets see if we can make it work.


Posted: March 28, 1977 by luvlymish in Ref Profile

I play in a samba/reggae percussion band called Batala and generally enjoy making noise. My mother was a card carrying member of the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society. I was introduced to pen and paper rolepaying (Tunnels and Trolls!) by my older brothers when I was, oooh, maybe ten years old, and have been involved in such things ever since. Which is, like, centuries. I love to write, and have several novels in the works, alongside the many many many short stories on my WordPress site. Maybe one day, one of them will even be published… I also play video games, and am a big fan of Dragon Age.
I’m influenced by a wide and eclectic array of Stuff. Including, at random: Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, the films of Guillermo del Toro, Studio Ghibli, RPGs from Warhammer to Paranoia to Cyberpunk to White Wolf, cheesy TV “documentaries” about the occult, serial killers- um, not in that way, don’t look at me like that…
Feel free to bribe me with chocolate, cider, anything related to Hello Kitty or Pandas