We only run one event a year (usually) and sometimes we know it’s just not enough. Obviously you can always look lovingly at our Facebook page but we appreciate you might want another game.

So here are some places you could look for other horror games:

AEON Horror – our cousin group spawned because they couldn’t get enough of our first event.  They usually run two events a year, one short ‘taster’ afternoon in November/December and the other a full weekend around April.
Shunned House – our sister group spawned because they don’t think there’s enough Lovecraft around. They ran their first events in 2015 using our system.
Dark Door – nothing to do with us but several of our players and refs reccomend their events. They run multiple Lovecraft inspired horror events across the year.
SlenderLARP – again nothing to do with us but player and ref reccomended. They run multiple Slenderman inspired horror events across the year.

This is the UK LARP Event directory: LARP Events

Here’s a podcast for those times when there are no games and you need some creepy horror. Reccomended by refs and players:

Welcome To Nightvale podcast.

Here’ one that’s more for fun and you fancy some old style pulp:

The Thrilling Adventure Hours podcast.

This is a tumblr with tips for players (and refs):

LARP Hacks

And this is the tumblr that keeps your refs sane:

When You Organise LARPs.

Want to find out more about other sorts of LARP that aren’t horror? (Really? Not horror?)
Try The LARP Aware Site for starters.

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