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And long he travers’d to and fro, to acquaint

Himself with every mystery, and awe;

Till, weary, he sat down before the maw

Of a wide outlet, fathomless and dim

To wild uncertainty and shadows grim.

(John Keats, Endymion, Book II, 269-273)


Chapter One

We do not own these woods. They own us.

(Timothy Goodwin, “Within These Woods”)

You had to show the world what they were doing.

The Lancaster University Society of Heretics, had become more than just another student society to you. LUSH had become a community where you and your peers of skeptics and atheists had spent many a long evening in the throes of hearty debate, setting the world to rights over a pint of real ale in Grad bar. That being said, you were all too aware of the echo chamber. The conversations you were having this week on the problem of evil and Pascal’s Wager were the same as last week.

But then the cult appeared on campus. Calling themselves the Copper Temple, they began evangelizing to students, luring the vulnerable into their ranks with promises to fix what was broken, cutting them off from their courses, their friends and even family.

Exposing them began as a pipe-dream, but frustration soon planted the seeds an actual plan. Contacting their leader, you secured an invitation to their commune in Silverdale forest. A few of you began preparing for a documentary project, like a bunch of young Louis Therouxs, to record this cult’s bizarre beliefs and abusive practices.

The date was set for early September. You and your friends bundled into your cars and set off to make a film of whatever you might find.


Chapter Two

Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained.

(Jonathan Harnisch, “Freak”)


You still don’t know what happened to them. That’s the worst part.

It was a week before the police had identified all the missing persons. All members of LUSH, all lost in Silverdale forest. You’d never heard of this cult, yet for no discernable reason members of this student society, one of them a member of your family, had gone out to the woods and never returned.

The Lancashire Constabulary had done all they could to keep you informed about the situation, but there was never much to report. The woods were combed day and night for any signs of the missing cultists or the student film-makers, but they seemed to have vanished without a trace. Soon, a week had past. Then, nearly two.

Then they found the cameras. After a few days analysing the footage, the Inspector called to tell you that there was footage you needed to see.

A hard weekend is coming for you. The police will be sitting you through a screening of the footage they found, and the next morning you will be participating in a press conference regarding the ongoing search. Accommodation in Lancaster has been arranged, and for the first time you will be in the company of others whose family have vanished somewhere in those woods.

But there’s more to this than you realise.


OOC Information

Found Footage is a game in two parts, telling two stories; the intertwined fates of the student film crew, and the family and friends who find their footage.

The options and outcomes for each game will be determined, in part, by the actions of the counterpart players. Both chapters will be weekend-length events. If you want action-orientated survival horror, sign up for chapter one, while if you prefer slow-burning, free-form, investigative horror, then chapter two is the game for you. Both promise intense horror, character-driven RP and a glimpse into darkness.

The ticket price for this game will be £95. Booking will open on Friday 4th March, and places can be reserved with an initial deposit of £15. There are limited player spaces, especially for Chapter One, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Chapter One

Venue – Gibraltar Farm Campsite

Time In – 18.00 September 2nd 2016

Time Out – 12.00 September 4th 2016

Debriefing – 13.00 September 18th 2016


Chapter Two

Venue – Lancaster, various.

Time In – 18.00 September 16th 2016

Time Out – 12.00 September 18th 2016

Debriefing – 13.00 September 18th 2016


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Secure Facility Seven – COMPROMISED!

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On Sunday we ran the last of our series of three single day events, Secure Facility Seven.


Are they all dead?

This event was originally scheduled to run on the 6th December 2015 but had to be postponed due to the local substation flooding leaving us without heat, light or running water.

For many years, the Secure Facilities programme was classified “above top secret”. Only those directly involved in its administration were even aware of its existence; some say even the Prime Minister and the Royal Family didn’t know about it.

The players didn’t know about it until a few hours before the event when a soldier arrived and informed them that the nuclear situation was now deadly serious. To the point of imminent catastrophe. However, the Secure Facilities programme had established a network of secure and completely secret bunkers across the country; places where the great and the good could shelter throughout the worst disasters. And the players were important enough to have an invitation.


Quick – get inside the bunker!

And so, they joined the other VIPs on the bus, and made their way to safety.

Except that it didn’t really turn out that way. After a bus journey during which they were informed that the facility was compromised but that there was no where else to get to they arrived to try and survive as best they might. The facility was eerily empty except for the suspicious head of maintenance and the grey tentacles occaisionally emerging from the walls, ceiling and floor. After shooting two thirds of the humans alive in the bunker when they arrived fourteen of our eighteen players made their way to the cocoons that would help them live out their lives in a distant future free of radiation. One was shot, two committed suicide and one died of radiation poisoning.


It was a merciful death…


Foreshadowing his fate…










Secure Facility Seven

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Our nuclear apocalypse will be taking place tomorrow. We’re all crossing our fingers here that Lancaster and surrounds don’t mimic the apocalypse with severe flooding again!

If you’re playing remember to have a good lunch and we’ll see you in Bowland Quad on Lancaster University Campus at 12:30 tomorrow.

Secure Facility Seven Postponed

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Yesterday was a bit of a first for Room 13 (as well as the rest of Lancaster). We had to call off the Secure Facility Seven game as our venue was out of power (so no heating or lighting) and the police were issuing no unnecessary travel warnings. This was because Lancaster (and most importantly for us, it’s substation) flooded.

We are going to rearrange the game for early next year, watch this space for news!

New System Call

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We’ve added a new system call, the description is below and on our System Page.

Safe Word: This call may be used by players at any point during the game. It is to be used to indicate to the nearest ref that the player is distressed and needs to be taken out of the in-game situation. If possible other players should continue to roleplay, disregarding the character’s absence, if not possible treat this as a time freeze. Refs will time you back in.

The rationale behind this new call was to give players a chance to give out of a situation that they discovered to be too distressing to roleplay in. This is not aimed at preventing characters roleplaying through horrific and terrifying situations but to give players a chance to take a brief time out before time out is called.

If a player does call ‘Safe Word’ then the nearest ref will escort them out to a designated out-of-game-area where they will be given the chance to decompress and tell the refs if they are intending to leave the game as they are too distressed or that they wish to return to the game as soon as they are able to.
Players do not have to explain to the refs why they needed to take this time out but it may be helpful to explain what part of the game prompted it as a ref can then offer possible options to return to the game.


Secure Facility Seven is Now Full

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All available spaces on Secure Facility Seven have now gone. Watch this space if you’re hoping for any spaces to become available in the event of player illness or unexpected unavailability.