Photography at Events

Photography has always been a part of Room 13 events, largely because it’s great fun afterwards to be able to share the images and reminisce. Players who missed certain moments because they were in a different area get a glimpse of the drama that other characters experienced, and potential future players get a taste of what might be in store for them. Meanwhile, the refs get to sit back and look at them with the satisfaction of “We caused this!”

Keeping Out Of Your Way

We always ask that out-of-character photographers (whether that’s invited, dedicated photographers or refs who happen to have a camera with them) remain as unobtrusive as possible. Flash photography is not allowed, and where possible any sounds on cameras are to be switched off. Players won’t generally be asked to pose for pictures during time-in (we’ll be taking candid shots of the action as it happens) but we may ask for group shots before or after the event. During hectic, action-packed moments, photographers are reminded that staying out of the players’ way is more important than getting the shot they want. The players’ experience must always come first.

If a photographer or film-maker is present in-character then these restrictions don’t apply.

Sharing Photographs & Privacy

Photographs (and occasionally videos) from events are often shared on Facebook and other sites like Flickr, as well as being used by the Room 13 group for publicity purposes.

If you do not wish to appear in images or videos at all, it is imperative that you inform the Ref team prior to the event. We will then be able to ask photographers to avoid including you in their shots where possible. If you then take a prominent role in vital moments (for example, an action packed finale) the photographers may still document the events to avoid disappointing other players, and we will negotiate with you afterwards to find a happy place between your privacy and allowing other players to see the images. In such cases, these images are not to be shared outside the player and crew groups.

If you do not make your feelings known before the event, but express a desire to be excluded from images during or after the event, we will do our best to assist you but cannot make any guarantees.

Some events will include photography and videography as an integral part of the game. This will be clearly identified as part of the pitch, and to sign up to an event that has been identified in this way you are giving your consent to being filmed and/or photographed during time-in, and to those images being shared thereafter. If you aren’t sure what this means please talk to the refs about this before the event.

If you wish not to be tagged in pictures on Facebook, that’s fine – simply make sure that this is made known. Usually we will post photographs untagged and ask players to tag only themselves where they wish to.

If you have agreed to Facebook images being posted, but don’t want them on your feed and one appears because a friend of yours has tagged themselves, then it is up to you to contact the friend or the photographer to request it be untagged.

Where Room 13 wishes to use an image for publicity purposes, we will contact the photographer and all players/refs/crew identifiable in the image for permission beforehand.

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