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Come For The LAN Party

Posted: December 31, 2019 by luvlymish in Dates, Game, Pitch
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The hostel was already booked so the annual New Years Gathering became a memorial.

Adam Blankenship, nice guy but odd. A tech nerd, spouter of internet conspiracy theories and somehow your friend. Spending New Years with Adam and his expanding circle of friends had been a tradition in some cases since childhood, in others since uni, others from various recovery support groups. This year when he rented out a Youth Hostel everyone eagerly signed up, after all it might have been Adam’s last New Years.

In the event even with all the dialysis, he didn’t make it, but the hostel was booked and the LAN prepped for the last game that he ever wrote, so the rest of you determined to go.

One last hurrah, a weekend away for Adam, a way to remember him and all the good times.

OOC Information

Dates: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th October

Venue: YHA Ninebanks, Hexham

Price: £120

Deposit: £30

Booking opens: 7pm Friday 17th January , 2020

Full payment due: Friday 20th September 2020

Come For The LAN Party is a modern survival horror game set over the Millenium. In the comfortable setting of Nineholes Youth Hostel it will be a chance to investigate a mystery, and discover horrors old and new in a fully-catered, 24-hour time in weekend and a story which has more to it than first appears.

Themes will include cosmic horror, trauma, mental illness and conspiracies. Players may face situations in which they are powerless. In terms of accessibility YHA Ninebanks has ground floor bedrooms, but there are small steps leading into the house, a gravel drive and some areas of the floor are uneven. If you are interested but wary of any of the above, please get in touch and we can discuss these elements further.

An Excerpt from Twin Suns

Posted: September 11, 2017 by luvlymish in Game, Game Play
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The video rather encapsulates the weekend that the crew of the White Giant faced in our Twin Suns LARP event a couple of weeks ago.

The Twin Suns Have Set!

Posted: September 10, 2017 by luvlymish in Game
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The White Giant, shuttle of the Spaceship Copernicus, went to do a routine geological analysis of a planet and was downed within the first half hour by an electrical storm that the sensors hadn’t picked up.

The crew looking worried

How long have we got before the storm hits?

As the remnants of the crew picked themselves up to discover the bridge and it’s command staff had been blown apart they found themselves low on oxygen and without food. Parts of the shuttle were strewn across the planet and it was going to take careful preparation to avoid the deadly storms and find the provisions they so badly needed.


Can we make it back to the ship with these?

The weekend was one of careful allocation of resources and the horror of group decisions being those of life or death.


Can we make the explosion large enough to be seen but small enough to get a sample size?

There was no monster outside, only the electrical storms rendering the perceptions of those stuck on the planet somewhat unreliable. The cheer when the luxury food box was brought inside was all too real as was that when the communications array was repaired and they were able to enquire about the status of the rescue shuttle. TwinsunsaliensOut of flares it was the geology team that managed to set off the explosion allowing them to be located.
Nineteen of the crew of the shuttle, The White Giant, survived the crash landing on the planet filled with electrical storms, of these only seventeen were still alive for pick up by the rescue shuttle, The Blue Midget.


It’s only a scratch…

One had been barely alive and the doctor judged better death by injection than an agonising one gasping for survival. One had been found out to be a simulant and was summarily executed after being used for his physical prowess by the mostly human crew.