The Refs

We’re the ones in black at events!

We are a group of people who like to come together and run horror events, the ref team is not consistent, what is is our system and our desire to scare innovatively!

We started in 2011 as four refs and a crew member. We intend to continue running creative events on a roughly annual basis with a variety of refs and crew members made up of previous players and new people with different ideas. Between us all we’ve played a lot of Horror LARP over the years and we’re aware of the tropes that tend to creep in, we like to try and push boundaries and experiment with what can be done.

If you’ve played in one of our events before and you have an idea for a game then talk to us and maybe you’ll end up on one of the ref teams in the future running your idea. However your game must not be a sequel to a game we’ve already run and we’d expect you to use our system without additions in order for it to be one of our games.

The Original Team: Dany, Jen, Kari, Mish  and Steve

(We wrote the system, though it’s been tweaked since and ran a game which spawned the universe which AEON Horror are using.)

Refs working backstage

In the ref bunker…

Refs Awaiting Players

Waiting to start the player brief

2012 Team: Dany, Doug, Luke, Mish and Tabby

(We ran a game inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos set in the middle of Tet Offensive Vietnam.)

Ref's getting some food and talking

Refs talking about Players.

They’re in the Trees!

2013 Team:Kari, Kirsty, Mish, Laura E., Ozy and Weasel

(We ran a game in a haunted hotel in the 1950s, the players got out by using Science!)

Kari in character as Ruby Weston, poor Ruby Weston

The psychic landlady, Ruby Weston. Poor Ruby.

Lurking Laura is Lurking

Ref listening in on players planning

2014 Team: Dany, Jacob, Kari, Mish, Ozy and Tabby

(We ran a modern-day horror event on the set of popular TV show British Haunts – the players set everything on fire and ran away!)

Mish talking to Katie

Ref briefing an NPC

Serious Ref is Serious

Serious Ref is Serious

2015 March Team: Georgia, Jacob, Luke, Mish, Ozy

(We ran a Cthulhu Mythos inspired game set in a converted asylum in the 1930s. The players variously killed themselves, got killed by monsters, escaped to a different world or in two very lucky cases – survived the night!)


Refs briefing a player


Refs thinking about what is to come for the players

2015 July Team: Jen, Laura, Mish, Tabby, Steve

(We ran a modern day horror game at a village fete. The players were variously forcibly or willingly converted into robots or ran away to the safety of Cheltenham!)

Refs keeping cool and monitoring play

Refs plotting mid game

Refs plotting mid game

2015 December Team: Ben, Bethany, Kari, Laura, Mish

(We ran a near future game set in a nuclear bunker, unfortunately the bunker wasn’t as secure as the players had hoped. They variously got cocooned beneath the base, shot each other, committed suicide or opted for a long drawn out death by radiation poisoning.)

2016 September Team: Kirsty, Laura, Mike, Mish, Ozy

2016 December Team: Alex, Jonno, Mew, Mish, Paul, Tabby

2017 September Team: Bill, Jonno, Luke, Mish, Ozy

Photos by Ann Sundqvist, Mish Liddle, Laura Wood and Tabitha Tipper

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